Re: Mark Stahlman, entropian

Damaged Justice (
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 02:05:40 -0400 (EDT)

> that impression! I'd appreciate any information about Stahlman -- his views,
> his writings -- that could help me get a grip on his point of view.

Those who remember the DigitaLiberty mailing list will recall Stahlman. I
remember his writing to be flamboyant but generally incisive, consistently
on the side of individual freedom. Bill Frezza was the ostensible "owner
and operator" of the list, but I think Stahlman may have had co-status of
some sort. AFAIK, there are no public archives of that list, although I
and most likely others have private archives. The list went down a while
back, flared up briefly and then vanished again. Just like Duncan Frissell
and Sandy Sandfort's Privacy 101, all the good lists seem to just die out.
(But Duncan and Sandy are still visibly active, at least, on cypherpunks;
I haven't seen more than the occasional brief op-ed from Stahlman, and
nothing from Frezza since (Information Week?) was carrying his column.

"You know you've had a life-changing experience when you almost shit yourself
and your first impulse is to sign onto a computer network and tell fifty-one
thousand people about it." (Sean McAfee on alt.tasteless, 1992)