"BUFFS" --> "Personal Futurists"?

Steve Witham (sw@tiac.net)
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 22:10:34 -0400

I wrote about extropians as "Bottom Up Fast Futurists". &
arkuat@factory.net (Eric Watt Forste) replies:

>I like this analysis, and I think it's correct as far as it goes.
>But you know, when most people ask for definitions, they want a genus and
>differentiator. And the sad fact is that they usually want to be presented
>with a genus that they already understand and a differentiator that they
>already understand.

I know! How about "Personal Futurists?!"

with connotations (& I'm into ambivalence and irony):
o Seeing oneself in the future,
o seeing your personal future as worthy of an "ism,"
as in "Maxism" (love it!),
o creating the future,
o self-transformation,
o bottom-up, accessible tech (as in personal computers, personal copiers,
personal fax machines, personal hygene, etc.), and how about
o your own personal futurist!

(Btw, I imagine "person" can apply to trans- or post-humans. Also, "trans-
personal," as in "trans-personal psychology," means between people.)


How many times have you fallen in love with a lyric that you thought went,
"Show me a day with Hilda Ogden and I'll despair,"
only to find out that it went,
"Show me a way to solve your problems and I'll be there." --Seal