Global Climate Manipulation

Chris Hind (
Mon, 12 Aug 1996 04:02:26 -0700

I read sometime ago in Popular Science (SEPT. 95 ISSUE) about a military
technology being developed in Alaska called High-Frequency Active Auroral
Research Program (HAARP)in which you could create artificial satellites that
you could bounce signals off of by heating sections of the atmosphere with a
highly focused radiowave beam. PS also meantioned the ability for
manipulating local weather (now I assume this would be by heating sections
of the atmosphere in patterns to move moisture around). This HAARP
technology is also in it's infancy so could it be possible that with a few
breakthroughs in increasing the power of the highly focused radiowave beam
that we could ultimately control global climate? Technology like this could
be used for the benefit of mankind by dissolving hurricanes before they make
contact with coastlines or moving rain clouds into drought areas. Can we
forsee ourselves manipulating global climate in, lets say the next 20 years?
Saving millions of dollars and thousands of lives?