Posthumanity debate on HotWired: Join in!

Max More (
Sun, 11 Aug 1996 22:55:50 -0700 (MST)

Fellow transhumans of all stripes: I'm engaged in an eight-part debate with
anti-transhumanist Paulina Borsook in the BrainTennis forum on HotWired. As
most of you will know, HotWired is the online offshoot of Wired magazine and
has a sizeable audience.

I've written my 450 word opening statement, she has made her first reply,
and I've just written my second post. The debate has just gone live. You can
find it at:

I urge you all to join in on the transhumanist side in Threads. Threads lets
readers post comments on the debate.

I want to thank several people who have edited my posts for this debate and
suggested improvements to my writing. Most of all thanks to Greg Burch, but
also to Robin Hanson, Natasha More, Anders Sandberg, Peter Voss, Tom Morrow,
Reilly Jones, Sasha Chislenko, and Eric Forste.

Upward and Outward!


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