Ideas: The Singularity

Natasha V. More (
Sun, 11 Aug 1996 15:30:08 -0700 (MST)

I would appreciate anyone who is interested in The Singularity (or the Wall,
the Horizon, etc.) sending me a one-liner, a phrase or short paragraph as to
what it signifies mythically or what it means to you. Also, if anyone has a
favorite quote that you would like to share, this would be most helpful.

If your one-liner, phrase or paragraph is not a quote, then I will give
credit and compensation for your efforts. If your contribution is a quote
from an author, I will give credit to the author as well as the person who
submits the quote.

Please send your suggestions to me privately, of if you prefer to share them
with the lists, publicly would be fine.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions and insights.

Natasha Vita More
(f/k/a Nancie Clark)
"The best defense is a creative offense."