Re: Just Playing Around

Sunah Cherwin (
Sun, 11 Aug 1996 13:24:57 -0800

>I hope these activities are helpful to some of you, or at least that my ways
>of approaching certain types of things are helpful. Also, if any of you have
>any other good mind training activities you'd like to share, I'd be very
>interested and appreciative.
David has some great ideas!!
One thing I was finding is that I'm not very good at teaching or doing
other cool things for groups of people if I don't feel appreciated. When
that happens I sometimes decide to stop doing the cool thing, and of course
I'm the one for whom that is the greatest drawback. So what I try to do so
I don't run out of cool-thing receptacles is to write down the appreciation
I want for myself in a little appreciation book so I don't let that silly
thing stop me. It's a good stopgap to use until I become perfect. :>