Re: Society of the Mind - by Eric L. Harry

Sean Hastings (
Fri, 09 Aug 1996 16:11:29 -0700

"David Musick" <> wrote:

> Do you guys have these type of experiences?
> I don't even have the metaphysical framework to understand how these things
> happen.

To properly quantify this experiences you will have make a record
of each time you find yourself "drawn" to a book, and note how
often it turns out to be something you're interested in. Then you
must determine the probability that any random book which you
were not "drawn" to would also have fallen into a category that
interested you. Finally eliminate all occurrences where the "draw"
was caused by one of the five established sensory inputs.

Once you have a large enough sample, you'll be able to calculate
exactly how "book psychic" you are.(+/- the statistical margin of
error, of course.)

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