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Subject: The Conspiracy Theory THEY Want You to Believe

I have been mulling over an article on this topic for years.

Of course, there may well have been many such conspiracy theories
floated by various factions of the Establishment over the years. However,
I am looking for the essence of the one that has served them consistently
for the long term.

My best hypothesis is the Class Warfare conspiracy, essentially as
formalized by Noam Chomsky and recently bought into by Daniel Brandt in
his NameBase Newsline which we broadcasted to the Weekly Up-date List and
a number of News Groups.

While the real ruling class is a tiny cabal centered around the
Federal Reserve System with International connections to the British
Oligarchy and their International Banking network, the Class Warfare
theorists would have us believe that a Conspiracy of the "rich", usually
those making over $100,000.00/year or about 10% of the population,
who organize themselves primarily through the Republican Party to despoil
"working people" by lowering taxes on themselves and cutting social
programs. The real ruling class has their wealth in tax free Foundations
or sheltered/secreted in Switzerland or other bank secrecy havens and are
situated in truly Olympian fashion with enormous leverage through
anonymous control of hundreds of the world largest corporations.

To maintain their lofty perch the real ruling class must prevent
that 10% of society making decent incomes above $100,000.00 from getting
much richer. They don't need to be 100% successful in this endeavor, but
need only keep the frequency of big money breakthroughs to a manageable
level. A few big money breakthroughs are no problem. "Co-operative" new
rich can be gradually integrated into their cabal through such front
organizations as the Council on Foreign Relations and a few
"uncooperative" new rich can be eliminated through selective enforcement
of all pervasive "regulations" or, if necessary, more dramatic action. As
Ferdinand Lundberg pointed-out in his crucial book there are _The Rich and
the Super Rich_! The primary enemies of the Super Rich are not the poor,
but the Rich! In classic Caesarian/fascist fashion, the Super Rich, to
remain at the helm of society as a whole, must organize the poor against
their real competitors, the Rich.

Thus, we see the constant drumbeat in the press that taxes must be
raised or certainly not reduced on the upper 10% of incomes. This
propaganda is repeated endlessly in the CFR's _Foreign Affairs_ as well.

[Obviously, there is much more that I could and will eventually
write about this topic....comments pro and con at this point would be

PS. Yes, I am quite aware that this theory is not unique to me. Gary
Allen called it "pressure from above and pressure from below" in his
durable _None Dare Call It Conspiracy_. Gary Allen before his death from
the complications of diabetes, was the John Birch Society's most prolific
writer and the most libertarian as well.

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