Mars Life? Christians freak out

Ian Goddard (
Wed, 07 Aug 1996 12:58:16 -0400

The following is a portion of a message I received defining the fear of
a negative impact upon the Christian meme resulting from the possible
discovery of life on Mars. It may be of interest/amusement to extropians.
-- Ian

> Date: 07 Aug 96 07:16:35 EDT
> From: Alan Morrison <101234.1005@CompuServe.COM>
> To: BlindCopyReceiver:;
> Subject: Fossilised Detritus...
> Dear Friends:
> The front page of almost every U.K. newspaper today (7 August 1996)
> contains details of a discovery made by the National Aeronautics and Space
> Administration (NASA) that a fossil embedded in a meteorite found in
> Antarctica in 1984 allegedly provides, according to NASA spokesman James
> Hartsfield, "chemical evidence of past biological activity on Mars".
> Full details of the "discovery" will appear in the next published edition
> of the U.S. journal "Science". I am sending this message out this morning
> (even prior to the official announcement which will be made later today)
> because of the gargantuan importance of this event for the Christian Church.
> It so happens that for the past few weeks I have been writing an article
> for consumption in the mainstream Christian press on this very subject of
> aliens and UFOs. Today's announcement represents a major part in the
> strategy of New World Order revelation in this area. Three years ago
> in my book, "The Serpent and the Cross", I made the following statement:
> <<"The increasing number of UFO sightings has nothing to do with genuine
> extra-terrestrial civilisations, but is part of an ongoing strategy of the
> powers of darkness (Eph.6:12), under the direction of their prince of the
> power of the air (Eph.2:2), who are engaged in convincing the minds of the
> gullible that something out there is trying to contact us. To those whose
> minds are attuned to such contact, demonic beings will actually manifest
> themselves as benign extra-terrestrials (ETs) who wish to offer help to
> humanity -- an offer that will, if it presents itself more openly, be avidly
> received as the influence of the New Gnosticism develops in world culture.
> If it can be proven that ETs do exist, and that they are on a higher
> plane t han the inhabitants of planet Earth, this will go a long way
> towards vindicating the claims of the Neo-Gnostics, as well as establishing
> the suppositions of the New Physics and the evolutionary theories of secular
> humanism. If this was to be supplemented by an alleged scientific
> discovery of the secret of the life-force, the way would be paved for
> some truly cataclysmic changes on this planet. We should not be at
> all surprised if these developments occur in the near future as part
> of the advancing strategy of the powers of darkness to discredit the
> Gospel, debunk the Bible, and eradicate the concept of a transcendent
> Creator God. The world will then be ready to believe the Lie which
> Satan has always sought to perpetuate, and the global conditions will be
> in place for the revealing of the ultimate Man of Sin (2 Th.2:3-12)."
> [end of quote]>>

[ snipped about 5 pages of the same ]

> Ultimately, it is all yet more confirmation of the veracity of
> Bible prophecy!

It's just so obvious, in fact, it proves that the anti-Chirst is on the
way; isn't the Bible just amazing, gee whiz. Notice, the attempt to turn
evidence against biblical B.S. into evidence for it: the Big Lie 101, or
Memetic Preservation 101.

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