Re: Terrorist Entropy vs Extropic Liberty

James Daugherty (
Sun, 4 Aug 1996 15:17:43 -0400 (EDT)

As was always at issue with the OJ case, the Judge can refuse to
allow all kinds of info into the trial pretty much based on his own

Federal Judges are FEDS! Already the judge gagged McVeigh while
the FBI prattled on prejudicing potential juries.

If the trial is going to be in the press, both sides should be
allowed to participate!

On Sun, 4 Aug 1996, Ian Goddard wrote:

> At 08:22 PM 8/3/96 -0500, Lyle Burkhead wrote:
> > In view of what happened with the Grand Jury, will Michael Tigar
> > be allowed to explore all the issues? Or is it understood that
> > some questions must not be asked?
> IAN: This is what one of McVeigh's lawyers said:
> " When you know everything I do - and you will - you
> will never think of the American government in the
> same way again." -- Tim McVeigh's defense attorney,
> Stephen Jones speaking at the Univ. of Oklahoma
> This implies that the defense has and will use devastating evidence
> against the govt. So it sounds like their going to take it right
> to the govt. But we'll see. This could be a threat that is
> actually a pretext to deal making.
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