Terrorist Entropy vs Extropic Liberty

Ian Goddard (igoddard@erols.com)
Sat, 03 Aug 1996 01:30:45 -0400

On Mon, 29 Jul 1996, Sean Clark <seanc@uktv.co.uk> wrote:
> Also, given that these terrorists seem to come from anti-government
> factions (albeit violent and extreme ones) should those who hold
> Libertarian/Extropian/Anarco views be concerned that the media will
> begin to 'tar them with the same brush'?

IAN: Yes, but only if we conclude that anti-govt types are guilty. Then,
not only will the media broad brush us, but powerful new laws will make
any anti-govt group suspect to FBI surveillance and wire tapping and
more without court oversight. Are "anti-govt" types guilty ?

Consider the testimony of former Grand Juror Hoppy Heidelberg, in charge
of evidence in the Oklahoma City bombing case, who told the press that,
"No one who saw McVeigh with other suspects, [ such as John Doe #2 ]
was ever allowed to testify before the Federal Grand Jury."

Mr. Heildelburg was eventually thrown off the jury after he refused
to stop asking questions about John Doe #2. His review of the best
available evidence lead him to conclude:

"I think they [ the govt ] know who John Doe #2 is,
and they are protecting him. This is because John
Doe #2 is either a government agent or informant
and they can't afford for that to get out."

The best article on the Oklahoma Bombing was published in the
Haight Ashbury Free Press, and can be found at:


Also the report by Brigadier General Benton K. Partin (USAF, Air Force
Armament Technology Laboratory. Ret.), presents overwhelming physical
evidence that the Ryder truck bomb in the front could not have done
the damage the Murrah building sustained.

Ammonium nitrate exerts its strongest explosive force along a vertical,
not a horizontal, axis. An ammonium nitrate / fuel bomb of the size used,
or even much larger, could not exert enough pounds of pressure per square
inch (from blast's epicenter to building) to cut the heavy steel re-bar
reinforced columns, even deep inside the building, as was seen.

" Blast through air is a terribly inefficient coupling
mechanism against heavy reinforced concrete beams and
columns; blast impulse and its potential for damage -
drops dramatically when traveling through air, initially
falling off more rapidly than an inverse function of the
distance cubed. Even though the Oklahoma City truck bomb
made an enormous impulse wave, it is wrong, Partin says,
to be overly impressed and to attribute a force to that
explosion which it clearly did not have. " (*)

The Gen. Partin concludes, based on overwhelming evidence, that supplemental
demolition charges, or 'cutter charges,' were placed directly on columns.
Remember that they found 4 unexploded bombs * inside * the building on
the day of the blast, then this fact is forgotten. These may have
been other cutter charges that failed. Some of Gen Partin's report
(massive page - lots of photos):

(*) http://www.tncnet.com/~rsears/oak/explode.html

It is possible that terrorist events could be used as modern day Reichstag
fires, establishing the pretext for massive increases in police state
powers, "new anti-terrorist powers" to be brought to bear against
"anti-govt hard-liners." In fact, that is exactly the result. It
would be too easy -- well, no, .. it IS too easy. But only as long
as people do not question and examine the gov't / media story.

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