Re: Private Space (was: Trans-extropian principles)

Robin Hanson (
Fri, 2 Aug 96 09:58:34 PDT

Eric Watt Forste writes:
>This is why I used asterisks when I said "long term". If we become a
>cultural monocrop in the next century, I don't expect that we'll get well
>past that condition until after the diaspora reaches its interstellar
>stages. Geographic (well, cosmographic) separation leads to clading.
>There's been talk of cosmic wormholes and "empires", but if a wormhole can
>be created, it can be destroyed. Emigrants can close the doors behind them.
>Hence, in the *long* term, we'll see clading and differentiation again,

Ordinary roads, ports, and train tracks can be destroyed as well, but
they nevertheless did speed communication and so contribute to
monoculture pressures.

Robin Hanson