Extropianism in the media

Fri, 2 Aug 1996 09:34:00 -0400

Attached please find another citation to Extropianism that I gleaned while
traveling through $yberspace. My comments appear in brackets. This time,
Extropianism has scored twice -- once in Dery's book on cyberculture and
again in this review of the book, published in the Nation. The tone of the
review, if not the book, conveys utter fear and loathing. Enjoy!

* * *

Andrew Leonard, "Book Review of Mark Dery's, 'Escape Velocity: Cyberculture
at the End of the Century,'" Vol. 262 ; No. 22 ; Pg. 36; ISSN: 0027-8378
(June 3, 1996)

[Has anyone read this book? If so, consider contacting Max so that Extropy
magazine can run its own review.]

* * *

Escape Velocity is a packet-switched plummet through punctured flesh,
digital brain-jack dreaming and muddled politics, a fiber-optic foray through
crowds of teeming cyberpunk poseurs and Terminator 2 morph-junkies. . . .

Dery's tour of the cybercultists--the Extropian posthumanists and digi-sex
teledildonistas, "body art" mutilators and Mondo 2000 boobies, robot monster
mad scientists and "submolecular shamans"--is a journey through regions where
technology is neither placed on a pedestal nor staked through the heart . . .