Re: Death of Leisure? (was Re: Trans-extropian principles)

Nick Nicholas (
Fri, 02 Aug 1996 04:21:55 -0400

At 09:24 AM 7/30/96 -0700, you wrote:
>From: Lyle Burkhead <>
>>The Darwinian competition is going to turn rather vicious, and people
>>with frivolous goals may not survive.
>I agree with Lyle that this is going to happen eventually, not too
>long after there becomes a variety of highly effective things a lot of
>people can do to accelerate their own personal evolution.
>However, it doesn't seem to be a commonly held view; lots of people
>seem to believe that the technology will always create usable
>resources faster than the accelerated personal evolution will entice
>people to use them up, leaving each person with plenty of time for
>leisure and frivolous pursuits.

Darwinian evolution has been discredited, do your reading

Nick Nicholas