Ex Tropos

Hara Ra (harara@shamanics.com)
Mon, 29 Jul 1996 21:22:24 -0700

>Anders Sandberg :
>Why not? I have begun to dislike reification (= turning concepts into
>"things") lately; intelligence is not something you can increase (as if
>it was some golden liquid in our brains), it is the ability to act/think
>in an intelligent way. Extropy cannot be static, then it is not extropy.
>Remember that the word is based on "Ex" ("out") and the "tropos" (move).
OK, here's a proposed definition:

Define Ma, the mass raised above the atmosphere by human activity. (shuttles,
satellites, probes, etc). The tendency to do so is the derivative, ie,


I invite anyone with the required data and a strong interest in space to
look up the numbers and provide a yearly table, starting with Sputnik.

There are actually a series of derivatives here:

d(Ma)/dt - Mass into LEO and beyond
d(Mtev)/dt - Mass beyond Terran Escape Velocity (tev)
d(Msev)/dt - Ditto, Solar Escape Velocity
d(Mgev)/dt - Ditto, Galactic Escape Velocity
d(Mlgev)/dt -
d(Mu)/dt -

The last two are left as exercises for the reader....

For SETI enthusiasts, there is d(b)/dt, where b is bits....

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