Re: God and Certainty (was Olympic Piety)

Hara Ra (
Mon, 29 Jul 1996 21:22:04 -0700

Kurt Rongey :
>I'm interested to know what techniques people have used to free
>themselves from the thought of failure without "divine assistance," and
>thereby achieved extraordinary goals. Anybody have any favorite
>techniques? The faith-in-God one works pretty well. Too bad there's no
Go read your 12 Steps. "Higher Power As We Understand It". If I turn myself
over to the "higher Power", the mental resources devoted to the
Self/Identity/Ego process are released, possibly allowing better
performance. For example, a Higher Power might be defined as "My Totally
Focussed Functioning".

For an athlete interested in Olympic goals, I suspect they have little time
for the stuff we discuss on this list - so "God" is merely an acronym. (My
POV, not the athelete's)
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