Wilson's Syndrome

Hara Ra (harara@shamanics.com)
Mon, 29 Jul 1996 20:08:22 -0700

I have had low body temperature for many years, however my thyroid panel
comes out normal, and using thyroid extract or T4 (Synthroid) made little
difference. Recently I became aware of another treatment which is based on
timed release T3. Many people have low basal temperature, normal thyroid
blood panel, and wonder why they feel lousy and the doctors tell them they
have no thyroid problems.

If you suspect that your body temperature is low, do as follows. Get a glass
thermometer, or a digital one which is consistent (reads the same when used
three times in a row. Longs has one for about $7.00). Take your temperature
3 hours after waking, and twice more at 3 hour intervals. If the average of
these three readings is under 98.3 degrees, you might want to look into
Wilson's Syndrome. If any of you out there have low temperature, let me know
and I will post some more on this topic.
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