Re: Is/Ought boundary (was Re: Trans-extropian principles)

Ken L. Holder (
Mon, 29 Jul 1996 13:37:32 -0700

At 06:56 PM 28-07-96 -0700, Tim Freeman wrote:

>How do you jump the is/ought barrier?
>For those who may not already know, here's a description of the
>barrier: Perhaps one can come up with a reasonable guess about what is
>true, but even with perfect knowledge of what is true, it is far from
>obvious how to convert this to a decision about what to do next. The
>"is/ought barrier" is this logical gap between what "is" and anything
>having to do with planning personal or group action.

Didn't the "Natural Law" people solve this? Of course, you'd have to
employ a "scientific" view of "is" which reminds you that an identity
could be wrong, and is almost certainly incomplete. Can't remember
how they solved it, though.

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