Re: The Extropian Principles

Max More (
Sun, 28 Jul 1996 16:03:25 -0700 (MST)

At 02:01 PM 7/27/96 -0500, Kurt Rongey wrote:
>My own reason for being here isn't because I'm desparate to see
>everyone become an Extropian, or to see Extropians become like
>me. It is because the ideas make perfect sense to me. I think that
>Extropian memes, with the possible exception of DO, will make
>their ways throughout culture with or without help from ExI.

I think spontaneous order is an especially tough one for people to grasp.
Any help ExI can give in getting people to understand it will probably be
appreciated by the other organizations and individuals who recognize its
importance to a healthy and vigorous economy and polity.

>I agree with most of Max's ideas, and I believe he puts forth
>every effort to be rational, open-minded and honest. I don't think
>I can accept pan-critical rationalism, because it still seems vibrantly
>clear to me that existence exists axiomatically. But this doesn't
>upset any of the rest of the Extropian Priniciples.

I agree. Besides, as I noted in my reply to Lyle, Extropianism does not
attempt to be a complete philosophy. The Principles say nothing specifically
about pancritical rationalism. Personally, I think PCR extremely fitting
with the general extropian emphasis on critical thinking, experimentation,
anti-dogmatism, etc. However, someone might just as well have come to
Extropian conclusions on the basis of a different approach, including the
Objectivist axiomatic approach.

>Max More:
>>... Nor do I think technical understanding will distinguish
>>proto-extropians from others well, though it will often be a factor
>>that contributes to extropian sympathies.
>Kurt Rongey:
>For what it's worth, I'm relatively free of technical understanding
>of the scientific issues. I spent the first quarter-century of my
>(eternal) life studying music. Only in the last few years have
>scientific concerns been of any interest to me. I still don't think
>they're absolutely necessary for understanding of and resonance
>with Extropianism.

I agree and think that as the years go by we will see a growing number who
hold themselves to be Extropian or extropian but who aren't especially
technically knowledgeable. Clearly, since many of our discussions in the
existing forums involve technology, we tend to attract those who are
technically sophisticated, or philosophically sophisticated. I suspect that
there are more extropian types to be found involved with tech, especially
exciting, rapidly advancing tech. Promethean minded people often find these
areas attractive.

I enjoyed and appreciated your comments Kurt.

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