Re: More qualia

Kate Riley (
Thu, 16 Dec 1999 02:08:09 EST

>Look, what am I supposed to say? I *really believe* what I'm telling >you.

Or you think you do. You could be "experiencing" the illusion of belief in what you're saying here.

>I must admit, I'm pretty disappointed in the way I keep bumping up >against
><qualia are a first principle>. I'm now beginning to see why >there was
>such disdain to bringing up the topic to begin with. Oh, >well.

I'm going to call your bluff. You claim to believe that there are such things as first principles from which everything else may be derived, but you have yet to divulge any other than A=A, which is, while indeed a valid first principle, a less than interesting one which will yield you very little in the way of derivation. And you have conspicuously failed to answer my request to provide others, which should not be a tremendous chore, considering that you seem to believe that there are very few. Therefore, I am unconvinced that you /are/ in fact following logic rather than your own kind of dogma. If I am wrong, then prove it; don't expect me to believe you on say-so.

Kathryn Riley

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