Gamma Pi (
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 09:51:27 +0100

I find the ongoing debate on AI purposes, technology and future extremely interesting and wish to summarize my views on some of the things that have been said (I receive the daily digest and it is easier for me to contribute this way).
Concerning the purpose of AIs and the question why should we build them, there are so many practical applications. Also, isnt' it like sex? I mean we do sex because we enjoy it and this is due to hormonal drives built by evolution to propagate the species. Same applies to building AIs by replacing hormonal with intellectual drives and considering AIs as part of the evolution of our own species. I believe that in a future transhuman world the difference between humans and AIs will be blurred with no sharp dividing line: humans augmented with AI constructs, AIs "powered by" uploaded humans, etc. Perhaps there will be no such things as "pure humans" and "pure AIs". So I do not think we should fear AIs becoming so smarter than us to rule the world and maybe killing us as we do with vermin. If we want to keep the distinction between "pure humans" and "pure AIs", then the same technologies that can build AIs much smarter than us can also be used to make ourselves much smarter than we are now.