Re: Y is it so? And will sex for fun survive?

J. R. Molloy (
Tue, 14 Dec 1999 21:23:02 -0800

Octavio Rojas Diaz writes,
>well to change the topic I think that love pills already exists (MDMA and it's
>analogues) unfortunately it has some side effects, and it's believed that
>use can lead to neuronal damage although no conclusive data has been show of
>neurotoxicity on humans, unfortunately these kind of drugs are ilegal and
>is prohibited, but fortunately MDMA and analogues action is similar to some
>serotonin affecting antidepressants, and I hope further research leaves to
safer and
>more effective drugs.

Yes, one of the side effects (related to the illegality of it) will put one in prison for possession.

>It is interesting to note that MDMA is not just the love drug it has many
>interesting effects, like the reduction of agressiveness, improved outlook,
>to solve problems, improved self esteem, it's also very effective for some
>against addiction, if you've been paying attention these are the qualities that
>antidepressants have and my guess is that is because they have more in common
>what people thinks,

Perhaps that helps to explain why the corrupt US government has made it illegal? (Pardon my harping on this. I just watched a PBS documentary about the so-called "war on drugs.")

>LSD also affects serotonin so this might explain why some users
>find some of these positive effects with that drug, hopefully further research
>to the discovery of some really useful, powerful and safe mind altering

Do you suppose the Global Brain, the cyber god, the SI, Metaman, posthuman AI, transhumans, or whatever we choose to call that which emerges from accelerated ultra-technology will become interested in psychedelics? Or will it take the conservative route and try to wipe out, persecute, pillory, and imprison drug users?

>it is really a very interesting era to live in!

Yep, we live in interesting times, as the cliche goes. Wait a minute... an ocean just went through my mind. No, never mind. The music on the radio just looked like a tsunami crashing on a rose petal. It'll wear off by tomorrow, or sometime.

Take care,

--J. R.

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