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Tue, 14 Dec 1999 22:01:03 -0800

>Look, would you *at least* admit that if qualia were deniable, then we
>ought to deny them?

Of course.
Your arguments might have any merit if qualia were something that were postulated to explain something. If they were like quarks, or black holes, we could argue about the possibilities of their existence based on the data we have to support the qualia hypothesis. But qualia are not the hypothesis, they're the data. The entire world, all of science, every belief you have in everyday life are the hypothesis.
You fail to answer the most significant questions I'm asking: do you notice a difference between the way you experience events that happen to you, and the way you experience events that happen to me? What is this difference? Also: what premises do you use as a basis for all your beliefs? If qualia do not exist, then the way we experience red, the particular visual sensation associated with it, what is that? Is that the actual way the wavelength of the light *really is*? Why does the function of classifying the light as a wavelength have this particular illusory sense associated with it?

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