soooooshiiiii, China Lake style

Spike Jones (
Tue, 14 Dec 1999 20:03:40 -0800

Jeff Davis wrote:

> As for spike. Shame on you, spike! All these wonderful gizmos, and all
> you can think of is a few pitiful guppies? What about the Hamsteroids of
> China Lake?

I admit it! I lacked imagination. {8-[ Ed Regis writes of a much more exciting experiment with chickens in a centrifuge, thus the title of his wonderfully entertaining volume: the Great Mambo Chicken. Of course, the guppy experiment predated Regis' book, and was done with zero government funding, on a weekend, without the knowledge of my superiors.

> And don't they have tours for the public every so often?

Well, actually no. Never had one while I was there.

> But all you ever think about is your
> security clearance, your career, and staying out of jail....

Um, yes, I do wish to maintain my clearance. I hope the security examiners never find out about you guys.... {8^D Kidding! bygones.

> Wimp! And you call yourself an extropian.

Hey, speaking of calling ourselves extropian, Amara Graps is in town this week, and a bunch of us are going out tomorrow night at Fumiyoshi's, 1991 W. El Camino Real in Mt. View. If you get in your Volvo and make the scene, your sushi in on me. {8-] spike