Re: Mission of Gravity, China Lake style

Spike Jones (
Mon, 13 Dec 1999 18:07:53 -0800

Jeff Davis wrote:

> Whether for ten minutes or ten years. (After a while, they did stop
> swimming in spirals, didn't they, spike? )

Ja. The next day, one had perished and the other 11 were behaving like ordinary fish.

> So, as I mentioned previously, I'm looking at mechanical stresses on the
> skeleton as the likely limiting factor/mode of failure.

Ja again. Bone density is more than twice that of water, so even in an aqueous medium, there would be stresses on the body at high acceleration. I suspect that anything over 20 G would be quite uncomfortable underwater....

>...blastronaut were lying on a molded support...

Blastronaut! Jeff, whadda guy! {8^D spike