Re: >H Big Ideas, Grand Vision

Anders Sandberg (
13 Dec 1999 14:06:34 +0100

Natasha Vita-More <> writes:

> I couldn't sleep this morning (the cats work me up), so I thought I'll do a
> little work before the world wakes up and the phone starts ringing. Little
> did I realize that by checking my email that my plans for a fastidious and
> productive morning would be SHATTERED! Once checking out your newly
> launched Web site, I can no longer stretch my own imagination this morning
> -- you have done that for me. You, dear Anders, are amazing.

Thank you! Hearing this from a highly creative person like you, who definitely stretch our imagination with your work, is double praise! I hope to set up a little gallery with the (best) pictures from the site, perhaps giving another angle on the world.

As for your morning, it seems like you have become a victim of the "curse of Big Ideas" - I have found myself several times sitting in the late night hours happily working on some part of the setting, running a continous internal debate about the relative merits of going to bed and getting up in a reasonable time to do some work, and the merits of really describing the evolutionary history of the Trahans in depth and how that is reflected in their art. You can guess which voice usually wins...

So you have the problem with cats waking you up too? My cat has finaly given up on trying to wake me, I'm far too sleepy due to my long nights :-)

> If I had one wish this morning, it would be to slip inside your
> mind, even for a moment to enjoy your imagination fully.

Given the timestamp on your post, you would have found me in the middle of baking cookies for christmas - perhaps less imagination than hedonic anticipation :-)

> (Psst ... now get on with your "more serious pursuits" with equal energy)

You mean eating the cookies?

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