Re: gay dogs(chimps)

jeff nordahl (
Sun, 12 Dec 1999 21:06:56 PST

He watched while the weakest monkets of the group mated with his
>favorite females and sat on top of his rock. He went nuts - making that
>insane screaming monkey sound, running in circles. The other monkeys were
>course unaware that he was watching. The experimenters took before and
>blood tests of the top monkey, and various hormonal levels dropped
>significantly after the experiement. I wish I knew what happened after he
>was re-introduced back into the group.

Sounds like a bunch of vindictive scientists who never got laid in high school or college. I think this experiment was a sub-conscious sadistic outlet for their pent up sexual frustration. Secretly they fantasized about doing all of the serority girls while the football team had to watch helplessly. They could get-off vicariously through the monkey orgy. I can think of no practical use for this monkey experiment. Sadists hiding behind science. I wonder who gave them the grant?

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