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Natasha Vita-More (
Sun, 12 Dec 1999 19:04:20 -0800

This month's Wired magazine cover story on The Exploding Science of Superlongevity, Your Life Span Revealed! features the article
"Don't Die, Stay Pretty" by Brian Alexander on page 184.

Great full page-images of Jeanne Calment's face (at age 122) on the left page and my face (any age you like) on the right. Jeanne is recorded as the oldest person on record in 1977, and as for me, I plan to live indefinitely. I can't imagine any better compliment than to be featured with her.

The article is about the science and the art of living longer and coverage of the Extro 4 Conference held in Berkeley. *It's a well written article.* Others covered in the piece are Judith Camp isi (cell biologist), Max More (philosopher), Calvin Harley (cell biologist, chief scientist at Geron) , Cynthia Kenyon (geneticist) and Gregory Stock, Robert Bradbury, William Haseltine (founder Human Genome Sciences).

"If stem cells will grow into any shape an architectural frame dictates,
any number of variations will become possible - including those never seen on any creature before - realizing Vita-More's vision of the body as canvas. With virtually any body augmentation available, including the merging of biological and nonbiological forms, the very idea of beauty may morph. ...she'll live to see the body as art usurping other forms of art."


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