Re: gay dogs(chimps)

jeff nordahl (
Sun, 12 Dec 1999 12:15:50 PST

>Spike Jones Wrote:
> >
> > A neighbor's female dog would mount one's leg and do that thing that
> > male dogs sometimes do, if you would let her. Strangest thing you
> > ever saw. I should have documented it with a video. spike
>A friend's female dog used to do that too!!

IF you all are interested in extreme homosexual behavior in the animal kingdom, I suggest tracking down some film footage of the obedoe chimpanzees (I think they are an isolated species located in Borneo or some remote region such as). Their entire social community revolves and is driven by sex. Grandparents with grandchildren, moms with daughters, major orgies with the whole family and the neighbors. They resolve any and all social disputes with some good tension releasing humping. I was doing a film project and ordered about twenty minutes of stock footage from National Geographic. The filmmaker threw a bunch of sugar cane to the troop and let them hump it out over who would get to eat the most. Tey take "kiss and make up" a few steps further.

I must confess that perhaps one of the most emotionally confused moments in my life was when a few of my drunken friends and I popped in the video tape and watched it on a big screen TV. The combination of extreme ape porn, alcohol, my girlfriend, and drunken friends all in the same room, set off a state of qualia like no ther I've ever experienced.

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