Re: Futurism not so hard after all?
Sun, 12 Dec 1999 09:14:13 EST

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> Okay, here's such an article I just had in the national Australian

> newspaper, in a bland series called `Chronicles of the Future'. I
> deliberately avoided Singularities and other Joe Six-pack repellents,
> putting in just enough to twist his brain a little. Is this the kind of
> thing you abhor, Robin?

I thought it was brilliant: You got in all of the elements we've identified so far that seem set to remake the world next century and made it just inviting enough to not frighten folks. I do disagree with your "no-work" projection: Any AI that can truly replace a human will BE a human for all intents and purposes and won't work for free. Overall, though, I think we should be proud that such a piece will get such wide distribution in Oz.

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