Re: millenial madness

Spike Jones (
Sat, 11 Dec 1999 21:50:56 -0800

> Zeb Haradon wrote: So there is no year 0?

Thats right, no zeroeth year. But we can fix it: I propose that henceforth every date after AD will be called CE, for Calendar Extropian. Nowthen, in order to get that switched noun and adjective action, we have to inject a French spin, like they do now with the metric system, calling in SI for System Internationale. So when explaining to someone, be sure to speak like a Frenchman and say calenDAIR extropiANN, with the odd emphasis on the last syllable of the word.

Then, all the formerly BC dates will be negative, so that Herod croaked in -3 CE, for instance.

> One [of the wise guys] tripped...banged his knee...screamed in pain, "Jesus
> Christ!". ...Mary says "hey, that would be a great name for the baby."

Wait a minute! I riffed on this last denOttermas. But my punchline was better:
A young woman's voice was heard to say "You know Joe, I like that name better than Horkheimer..."