Re: UPL: Dogs and Domestication
Sat, 11 Dec 1999 23:50:09 EST

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<< Hmmm, Glen, Im glad your technique worked, but dogs are pack
animals, and they must be shown that *you* are the alpha, and that if you want his bone, then too bad for him. I had dobermans [dobermen?] and they had to be beta-ized occasionally. This is done most effectively by growling and baring teeth at them. They *will* back down. Really.

Especially if you have big male dogs, you cant allow them to get too high an opinion of themselves. spike>>

Okay, I did also stare him down a few times<sg>. I don't think the growling and baring of teeth is all that necessary, just the ability to show that you will not be cowed without making the animal feel it has to attack.

Glen Finney