Re: millenial madness

Spike Jones (
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 22:39:49 -0800

> Zeb Haradon wrote: So there was no year 0? it goes from 1BC to 1AD?

Ja. But I propose we declare one. The year 1 BC would be declared the year 0. The years 0 to 99 would then be called the zeroeth century, the years 0 to 9 would be the zeroeth decade, and so on, so that we would be entering the zeroeth year of the second millennium in a three weeks, and the yahoos need not argue about when the new millennium starts.

That would fix a problem that has made me crazy since always: the history scholars refer to the 16th century meaning the 1500s. Then ya gotta think: lessee, is that the 1500s or the 1700s? Oh yeah, OK. The 1500s *should* be the 15th century, dammit! {8^D

The only thing that would be messed up are the BC dates, but we would get over that. Herod perished in 3 BC by the new reckons. But it would be a better, more logical system. spike