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So there was no year 0? it goes from 1BC to 1AD?

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>> > m wrote: It ISN'T the last year of the century or
>> the millenium.
>> It *is* the start of the 21st century. The first
>> century had
>> only 99 years. spike
>A joke, yeah?
>There's an essay on this
>AFAIK (and according to specialists) the first century
>DID have 100 years, from 1 A.D. to 100 A.D.. The 2nd
>century went from 201 to 300, etc.
> Denis Exiguus (St Denis) , who invented the Julian
>Calendar, was working before the introduction of the
>digit "0" (from Arabic mathematics). He would be using
>Roman numerals, "I" to "C", etc. He simply jumped from
>1 BC to 1 AD. Jesus was born in 1 AD according to this
> So the the 3rd millenium begins at 1 + 2000, ie 2001
> To get around this, you have to define "millenium"
>purely on the actual number (not years since Jesus'
>(conventionally dated) birth).
> This is inconsistent with the way millennia and
>centuries have been counted. It's winning in
>popularity, however.
>So maybe It's not the Millenium, it's just a very
>"noughty" year :). (Apologies to Python fans).
>But anyway, it'll be 2000, yippee!
>On madness,
> It seems that many people are choosing to avoid the
>crowds. In Sydney the railways are having a 2 hr
>hiatus cnetred on midnight to check for Y2K
>difficulties; this seems to have persuaded many to
>stay at home. Apparently they cannot simulate NYE on
>their systems ahead of time.
>Have a great NYE 2000!!. Avoid crazies. Check the
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