Re: millenial madness

Tracy Newby (
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 16:52:57 +0000

Since I first learned drafting on "the board" in Junior High School (in 1979) and I grew up with my father bringing home drawings from work to show me, I KNOW I can do my job with out a computer. In fact I own a very nice drafting table and I kept all my drafting equipment from my first drafting job, which went from manual drafting to CAD system use. Six years of drafting education and twelve years of experience (using CAD as well as manual drafting) have shown me that the high tech way isn't necessarilly faster, just more accurate and it keeps everyone's work looking consistent.

Besides I just need a portable generator and I can run my CAD system at home (on my PC) and get plenty done. Either way I'm set since I mostly used my drafting table to do calligraphy and illumination for awards given out in the SCA.... So if the clocks get set back because of whatever madness grips the world (Yeah...right) I can still find work documenting the downfall of modern man in some post-apoclyptic Book of Hours or whatever.

Tracy Newby
a.k.a. Lord Sean Tracy of Newburry (SCA)

Spike Jones wrote:

> Phil wrote:
> > ...It is very hard to convince people to maintain backup systems...
> By not having backup systems, it motivates people to keep their
> high techy newfangled systems up and running. Sink those lifeboats,
> mates! During the New York blackout of 1970-something,
> there was much debate about how dependent we have become
> on electricity. Now this is taken for granted, and furthermore,
> if the computer network goes down, we might as well all go home
> from work, for there is *nothing* to do without em. Right? How
> about you? Other than EvMick, who among us can do our jobs
> effectively *without* their computer? spike