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"since you split a hologram in two, you get two holograms..."

When you split a hologram into any number of smaller units, you get a degradation of the original hologram. I suppose you could liken it to "line noise". My college entrance essay was on this topic, actually... at least, how the idea was presented in "The Holographic Universe" (by Michael Talbot, I believe).

More to come later, perhaps.


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I've been playing around with an idea for a little bit, though I haven't had the time to put any real look into the feasibility...

      It goes something like this:
      If you had a really good holographic data storage
system (one functionally as good or better in every respect as any modern memory storage) would it be possible to network the holographic matrix? My thoughts being something like, "since when you split a hologram in two, you get two holograms, what if you had a bunch of networked computers forming a single holographic memory between them... so that when one computer crashed, the network as a whole retains the data... so none of the data is lost, only the hardware."

However, upon considering the subject I realised I didn't have the slightest idea where to begin... I've started reading about holography and computer networks, but I was hoping that by putting this idea out here I'd encourage some sort of interesting feedback- or at least information as to why it wouldn't be feasible, were this the case...

Anyways, it has a lot of applications- for example, we talk about uploading on the list a lot. If the computer that contains an uploaded personality crashes... what then? Well, with some sort of holographic system, a stabler form of uploading could exist- one with less risk of destruction in the case of some disaster.

Any thoughts on how this might slow down existing networks, how modifications to programs might be made in a holographic system... actually, just about anything at all relating to this might be interesting.

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