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Oops. I see that, due to a processor upgrade, my date/time is shot. I fixed it, and now I'm resending the article, in case any of you lost it due to the bad date/time.


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Oops. It would appear that I've also got "The Nature of Heuristics II", "The Nature of Heuristics III", and "Why AM and Eurisko appear to work" in the same package.

Which goes back to another point I was planning to make. I'm very grateful for the flood of suggestions and offers, but first I have to finish reading the articles I have now. It could be that they'll tell me everything I need to know about EURISKO, in which case, I might not even need the source code.

Anyway, thanks for all the offers, public and private. It looks like I should definitely be able to get ahold of at least a paper copy of the source code, if that's still necessary when I'm finished reading. Thanks also for all the suggestions. Once again, I am reminded that the heuristic "Stay on the Extropians list" has high utility over a wide domain.

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