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Thu, 9 Dec 1999 17:38:24 -0800

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>At 09:10 PM 12/8/99 -0600, you wrote:
>This is hard to do successfully, but for those who want to try their hand,
>here's a promising case: Friday's IPO of VA Linux (LNUX). Given the
>performance of companies like Red Hat and other Linux companies, the fact
>that LNUX has a real business, and that it has "LNUX" as it's stock symbol,
>IPO day should be very interesting. I suspect despite having jacked up the
>initial offering price by 100%, it will still open up 200%. It might be

Not even close.. it was up about 800%. This really amazed me. I placed a limit order to get some at 70.. I thought about it a minute, and decided that was too low, changed it to 75.. came back from lunch and it had opened around 300.

>very hard to buy and sell the same day at a profit, but if you like to
>speculate (I don't) this should be a fun one. It might even make a good
>one-three month hold.