Re: Uploaded memories

Chris Hibbert (
Thu, 09 Dec 1999 13:52:29 -0800 said:
> I recently re-read an interesting paper which discussed this topic,
> unfortunately not by economists, but by Mark Miller and Eric Drexler.
> "Comparative Ecology: A Computational Perspective" was published in
> their book "The Ecology of Computation". This paper, along with
> others, lays out their idea for "agoric computing", in which software
> systems would use market-like mechanisms to interact. In effect a
> program might pay a subroutine to work for it.

The overview of the papers and of Mark Miller's and Eric Drexler's work is good, but one detail is wrong: The book is by Bernardo Huberman, and is a

collection.  Miller/Drexler wrote three of the papers in Huberman's 
collection.   They're all available on Agorics' web site at

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