Re: Microlocal networking (was Re: WEARABLES: Smart sneakers)

Philip Witham (
Thu, 09 Dec 1999 12:14:22 -0800

Michael M. Butler wrote:
> >I read about another idea for a "smart sneaker", this one was prototyped at
> >MIT I believe, and I think I read about someone putting it into production
> >but I'm not sure. Additional info would be appreciated.
> Like your Geek or Freak Codes? :) The official patter was "exchange
> business cards without fumbling".

There was some discussion of a similar idea at/after Extro 3, involving smart
name tags. Use IRDA transceivers (standard infrared components) to exchange a
data block. Your web address, name, a small photo of your face as a mnemonic.
Your public encryption key. Some of us can't remember names all that well.
So, as you register at a conference, the helpful person behind the counter
optionally takes your digital photo and hands you an active name tag.

I was almost tempted to build it. I figure an IRDA transceiver, PIC12C508,
serial EEPROM, lithium coin cell battery, PCB, $10 each for the first few
hundred units.