Re: [Re: Uploaded memories]
9 Dec 99 16:07:35 GMT

"Robert J. Bradbury" <> wrote:
> If we assume 10^26 "operating" minds / 10^10

OK, why 10^26 and not some other number?

> Hmmmm... Perhaps thats yet another reason interstellar nanoprobe
> colonization doesn't occur -- a shotgun blast of high velocity
> nanoprobes through an MBrain makes quite a mess. It doesn't
> really damage them, but when they have to restore 10^12 "running"
> copies from the backup storage, it gets them *really* pissed.

Now there you go again. A relativistic nanoprobe caries enough energy to melt a few cubic meters of shielding, but MBrains are supposed to have hundreds (or maybe thousands) of kilometers of radiator systems between their computronium and the outside universe. Even the high-performance systems I favor could easily afford a kilometer or two of shielding. Since even the most energetic secondary radiation isn't going to penetrate more than a few hundred meters of solid matter, that means that impacting nanoprobes are no threat at all.

Besides, do you really think an SI is going to be that stupid of a target? For a relatively trivial mass/energy investment it could surround itself with a network of sensors and directed energy weapons capable of eliminating such objects long before they impact its surface. Its going to want to do that anyway to protect against more substantial threats (like large relativistic objects), so why not invest a little extra effort to be thorough about it?

Billy Brown, MCSD