Re: millenial madness

Max More (
Thu, 09 Dec 1999 00:03:06 -0800

At 08:02 PM 12/8/99 -0800, Robert wrote:

>Seriously though, I think this is doable -- any interest?
>I would generally agree with Anders that the Internet is the best
>way to do it, but this may not be available to many at the moment
>of local-time-zone transition. We need a telephone-to-internet
>bridge (or a pure telephone) interface that utilizes out-of-time-zone
>connection infrastructure. I might feel bad about monopolizing
>a Moscow operator at midnight, but I've got no problem doing it
>to an operator in Sidney or San Francisco at midnight Moscow time.
>Perhaps we could organize a signup sheet for the people that want
>to be included in the calls at specific hours? This would be
>way cool, there might be no other group on the planet doing it...

I'm interested. I don't know what I'll be doing close to midnight (certainly not driving around in Los Angeles, but maybe a contemplative walk to Venice Beach), but most of the day I'll be watching the millennial madness via TV and net as it approaches California, and I'd enjoy chatting with Extropians from other timezones.