Re: regarding Paradise Australia and the aussie gal who has bewitched

Damien Broderick (
Thu, 09 Dec 1999 18:09:07 -0800

>>I have grown up hearing a number of men say they wanted to >move there
>>because the women are suppose to be so incredible for some >reason.

We Aussie men bring it out in them, you understand. (Other than those instances where they bring it out in each other.)

>several unrelated sources that Australian girls tend to be markedly and
>enthusiastically sexually promiscuous.

I don't know about the girls, but the women... well, why repeat myself? :)

>I do not mean to offend anyone,

There's always that risk when using a loaded word like `promiscuous', rather than just `adventurous'.

But seriously, folks - Oz is a largely post-repressive non-Xian culture (despite mandatory obeisance to < god > and Church-of-England Queen and plenty of tight-lipped pests in powerful places), and the climate and abundant good food makes it easy to be healthy and hence good-looking, except for the sad cases like me who turned out bookish and indoorsy and never learned to drive a car (hark, do I hear an answering whimper from Alaska?)... but even for such a luckless drone, I have been blessed by the interest and affection (on and off, over the years, mostly off recently) of some startlingly smart, beautiful, sexy women. Ho hum.

I'd rather be in New York, though.

Damien Broderick