Re: millenial madness

Robert J. Bradbury (
Wed, 8 Dec 1999 20:02:47 -0800 (PST)

On 8 Dec 1999, Anders Sandberg wrote:

> I hope to be on the internet so I can greet you americans from the
> other side of the millennium, but it seems Robert is planning to be in
> Moscow, so he might get to the future first :-)

I think Damien and the other down under TH/EIs will beat me by a wide margin. If silly Motorola hadn't made the phones so expensive, we could have all called each other simultaneously in a rotating transition point to wish each other well.

However, that does raise an *interesting* idea!!!

I'm sure we could find some international company willing to facilitate multi-node real-time conference calls. Now, the real trick would be to be able to intermix dial-ins and dial-outs. It would be way too expensive to dial-out to dozens of people, but if people were willing to bear the dial-in expense I bet we could have a lot of fun with it.

John Grigg is sitting there all excited, screaming into the phone "Its starting, the 60 second countdown is starting..., 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54....
In the background,
Damien Broderick: Are you folks *still* doing that.... Robert Bradbury: John, can you speak more softly, I've got a wicked headache.
Anders Sandberg: Would anyone care to come to Sweeden to help cleanup party leftovers?
Kathryn Aegis: Do you folks want omlettes or pancakes? Eliezer Yudowsky: You folks are crazy, any sane AI knows that the millennial transitation is no different from any other timeslice. Greg Burch: I can't talk right now, my next-door-neighbors have let their

      their cows run free over the fields because of some silly passage in
      the Bible saying that the "Upon the resurection, the creatures of the
      earth shall be unchained so that they too may reside with God" and they
      are driving my pets crazy...

Gina (Nanogirl): John, whats the status of Nanotech research at U. of A.? The Canuks in chorus: Ehhh?
Everyone suspects Max and Natasha are sitting quietly in the background watching the world evolve...

tick tock, tick tock, a small voice in the background says "this is fun, are there any Extropians in Hawaii?"

Seriously though, I think this is doable -- any interest?

I would generally agree with Anders that the Internet is the best way to do it, but this may not be available to many at the moment of local-time-zone transition. We need a telephone-to-internet bridge (or a pure telephone) interface that utilizes out-of-time-zone connection infrastructure. I might feel bad about monopolizing a Moscow operator at midnight, but I've got no problem doing it to an operator in Sidney or San Francisco at midnight Moscow time.

Perhaps we could organize a signup sheet for the people that want to be included in the calls at specific hours? This would be way cool, there might be no other group on the planet doing it...