Re: millenial madness

m (
Wed, 8 Dec 1999 15:54:11 -0800 (PST)

I had promised myself NOT to be a pedant, but the "millenial" hype, best of the century, etc, gets to me. It ISN'T the last year of the century or the millenium. I'm sure I needn't go into the "No year 0" arguments for ppl on this list.

It is exceedingly cool that it will be the year 2000 of course. So I won't let mere logic get in the way of a good party :). Besides, you get the excuse to do it next year as well.

> Are you planning to partake in the glitzy public
> celebrations?

Stock up on food and water a bit.
Party on where I can see the fireworks on the harbour (Sydney) I guess.
I have heard of some ppl who will celebrate in Sydney, then fly to NY for NYE @ NYC, 15 hrs later.

>Will you
> be on the internet?

Maybe, if there *IS* an internet :)

> Or a quiet evening at home?>

There will be an international 25 hour broadcast, starting with some place on the Cook Islands or somewhere. So you could see that.

> I had voted for a quiet evening spent swigging
> champagne and watching the
> National Guard patrol the streets,

That sounds so joyful.

> but Michael is
> voting for parties.
> Basically, I want to be away from the nutcases who
> will try to bring about
> the apocalypse in the absence of divine actions...

NYE is made for nutcases!


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