bringing in the new year! :)

john grigg (
Wed, 08 Dec 1999 14:21:48 PST

Hello everyone,

I don't have my plans set in concrete yet but it looks like I will be going to a party put on by the little eatery where my brother's girlfriend works. This is a relatively intimate affair with only fifty tickets available but I have through him "connections."

He said this year they are going all out and at major expense the place will be decorated to look like the inside of a spacecraft with the employees wearing uniforms and spacesuits to go along with the motif! The owners really want to make an impression and alot of people who have heard about it and want tickets won't be able to get them.

I might also attend a local church party to see old friends. In past years here in Anchorage things could be better when it came to celebrating New Year's Eve but this year should be different.

The best party here is the "Zombiefest" that celebrates Halloween. People go all out with their costumes and the live bands are great. Last year there were alot of Xena's! I dressed up as a devil complete with big horns to only wind up in the cab of an evangelical!! lol

Several years ago I went to a party at the Hilton here. I had bought my ticket in advance only to find out when I got to the door that the celebration was sponsored by an all black college fraternity alumni organization. I was the only white male there in a sea of black faces! lol

Actually, I was treated very courteously and enjoyed myself. The spread was great and I made some new friends. But when I walked out to the music I knew I was totally outclassed. My dancing skills were not up to what was going on at the dance floor! Several hundred people were actually dancing in near perfect syncronization! I had never seen anything like it before. I was afraid that if I started dancing everyone would turn around and have a good laugh. lol

The next day at work I told a black friend about my experiences. He smiled and said that now I knew just a little how he felt at times in appearing different to others.

Anyway, I hope to have a memorable New Year's Eve this year. Even if the actual calendar system is flawed, still on a human level this will mean so much to most of us. And Samael, get involved in the shindig going on under you window! :)

best wishes for all,

John Grigg

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