Re: Mass Drugging

James Rogers (
Wed, 8 Dec 1999 18:27:47 -0800

> Harvey Newstrom wrote:
>I don't understand why this list is full of "hypotheses" that are propagated
>without the most basic fact checking. Why not just look up the composition
>of Ritalin to see if its identity is identical to amphetamine?

Ritalin is not amphetamine, and I don't think anyone was asking if it was. However, Ritalin *is* an amphetamine-like drug and is in the same small class of drugs as amphetamines. It shares all the effects and side-effects of amphetamines, which incidentally were also used to treat ADD-like symptoms several years back. Problems with amphetamines, such as addiction, weight-loss, psychotic episodes, etc. are also known side-effects of Ritalin and are fully documented by the manufacturer and FDA.

While some of the more severe side-effects (such as psychotic episodes and violent behavior) only affect a small percentage of people on the drug, the shear number of boys on it these days is going to create a large pool of boys in absolute numbers who will experience these side-effects.

-James Rogers