Re: millenial madness

James Rogers (
Wed, 8 Dec 1999 17:53:16 -0800

On Wed, 31 Dec 1969, Kathryn Aegis wrote:
> A less serious, non-techie thread....
> Just curious as to what folks will be doing at the 'turn of the century'.
> Are you planning to partake in the glitzy public celebrations? Will you
> be on the internet? Or a quiet evening at home?

I will be enjoying dinner with a large group of friends at a fine Basque restaurant located in a small town in Nevada. Followed, of course, by moderate amounts of drinking at the local casinos. If I wasn't there, I'd probably be at home with the same friends.

A primary goal in my plans is to generally avoid the areas that are likely to be Schelling points for idiots looking to create mayhem. I don't expect too many problems in my neck of the woods, but don't want to become a victim of statistics either. <shrug>. There are definitely a few places that I certainly would not want to be e.g. Los Angeles or New York.

In any case I am expecting the government to over-react to whatever problems may occur; I expect there will be a some computer problems and lots of people problems, but who knows. I think caution is prudent.

-James Rogers