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Wed, 08 Dec 1999 16:13:33 -0600

Brian D Williams wrote:
> Why not E-mail Doug Lenat at CYC? Maybe he'll send you the source
> code.

> I had a friend (who moved to Calif) who met him a number of years
> ago and I believe got a copy from him, he used it to develop a
> softbot that's running around the IRC channels.

Now *that* is interesting. I tried emailing DL at his Cycorp address; I didn't get a response. Does your friend have an email address?


In answer to other questions:

No, I do not have the 1983 article.

Yes, you *would* think a major university would have a copy of those
journals, wouldn't you?  But when I was briefly a student at one
university, they didn't have the journal _Artificial Intelligence_, at
all, never mind back issues.  Actually, I would say that their whole AI
library was slightly inferior to the reference section of the local
public library, and was *considerably* inferior to Microcenter
Warehouse's book section.  Who knew?

As for checking at other universities, most of them have rules to keep
the riffraff off campus, never mind out of the library.
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