RE: millenial madness
Wed, 8 Dec 1999 11:30:29 -0500

I'm on call and tethered to a one-hour radius away from NYC - which means I'll be able to rush to our data center if anything happens, but which ALSO means I'll be in the blast radius in case anything goes horribly wrong.

I'll either be in our Park Ave. board room to watch the explosions, or I'll be off in Conneticut somewhere in the forest.


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>A less serious, non-techie thread....

>Just curious as to what folks will be doing at the 'turn of the
>century'. Are you planning to partake in the glitzy public
>celebrations? Will you be on the internet? Or a quiet evening at

>I had voted for a quiet evening spent swigging champagne and
>watching the National Guard patrol the streets, but Michael is
>voting for parties. Basically, I want to be away from the nutcases
>who will try to bring about the apocalypse in the absence of
>divine actions...

It sound's as if you have a nice evening planned....

I will be one of the Legion of those standing guard (electronically) that night, I will be manning our data center, "just in case"...


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